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Direction: Ava Irandoost

DOP: Yannick Spiess

Dancing & Acting: Giulia Spinelli and I

Gaffer: Katharina Lüdin

Costume: Emily Schumann

Make up: JaneyLMX

I’m excited to share a commercial I shot a couple weeks ago for Senic, a company that combines technology and design to build the next evolution of smart home interfaces and systems. With a wonderful team behind it, we created a commercial for Muse Blocks, a product that combines physicality and streaming for a perfect gift. I am so grateful to be able to shoot with my amazing friend and dancer Giulia Spinelli and being directed by Ava Irandoost. It was such a fun experience and the result couldn’t be better!

You can learn more about Muse Blocks -and get your own- here.