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As a teacher, I’m interested in bringing improvisational tools and mathematical entities as methodologies for movement exploration. These are the tools that have helped me grow as an artist, and one of my main goals is to share them with others to encourage creativity and artistic development. This is open to dancers and non-dancers, artists and non-artists, since an embodied practice is nurturing and beneficial for anybody who wishes to expand their creative capabilities.


With that in mind, I offer three workshops. “BODYSPACES” is a continuation of my work Transforming Spaces/Continuous Bodies, using exercises and prompts that I used during my own process to examine spaces and how our bodies live within them. “Accumulation Points” uses the concepts of algorithmic thinking and accumulation to aid with improvisation and composition. When we put boxes on things, there’s more that comes out. It’s a puzzle, it’s a game, and above all, it’s fun. Lastly, “Embodied Exchanges” is a community-based framework for bodily communication and creative development.


Shoot me a message if you’re interested in hosting or taking part in any of the workshops, and you can learn more about them in the attached descriptions.

"Accumulation Points"

"Embodied Exhanges"