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Transforming Spaces/ Continuous Bodies

Transforming Spaces/Continuous Bodies explores how multiple bodies create topological spaces, and how those spaces are transformed continuously. The project is also concerned with the architecture of the created spaces, and how their structure influences the surrounding space they inhabit. Performed by nine dancers and movement collaborators, the work draws from concepts in point-set and algebraic topology, using dance choreography and performance to actualize those concepts on stage. The work had a second iteration as a solo performed with audience participatory structures.


TS/CB was the culmination of a year of research and it was presented in multiple formats at different venues. The choreographic research was premiered at the Katzen Arts Center, Washington DC; with the solo version later premiered at the DMV College Dance Colloquy at Dance Place, Washington DC. The research was also presented at the 2019 Robyn Rafferty Mathias Research Conference, where it was awarded as Best Oral Presentation. The work was also recognized with the Academic Achievement Award for Excellence in Research or Creative Work at American University. Read more about the work in this research presentation.

Date (group version)

December 2018

Date (solo version)

February 2019


10 min


Sergio Guerra Abril

Performance & Movement Collaboration

Alex Abbey, Alyssa O’Connor, Bailey Martin, Elizabeth Clackson, Graciela Rey, Mara Osterburg, Miya Hamashigue, Rasa Davidson de Sá, Vyette Tiya


Chris Zabriskie, Eric Schall