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symbol of my practice




I view art as a fluid and interactive field. I am interested in exploring relational possibilities: how ideas merge, contrast, repel, and impact one another.
I see the body as infinitely capable. I situate the body at the center of my artistic practice, the processor and actualizer of the creative potential of ideas. And because the body lives in the physical world, the embodiment of ideas has tangible results. Improvisation plays a big role in this process, as it becomes an embodied thinking through which I can apprehend, relate, and actualize ideas.
I define myself as a movement artist, because it is in movement exploration where I find creativity. Because of my mathematical background, I am most interested in the operations between ideas rather than in the ideas themselves. The focus on relation puts ideas in motion and allows me to view my practice as fluid and all-connected. This is reflected through performance, choreography, modeling, and curation.
I am in constant conversation with new practices and constantly evolving into new research interests. My working processes are always collaborative and research-based. We embody, process, and actualize ideas together. Everything is a source of research that informs how my practice keeps shifting and developing.