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Joining the berlin curation TEAM at Shared_studios!

Starting this month, I will join the Berlin Curation Team at arts and technology organization Shared_Studios. Shared_Studios is an organization that sets up immersive audio-visual environments that connect universities, cities, and cultural spaces around the world for cross-cultural dialogues on a variety of topics. These spaces, called Portals, exist in 45+ locations around the globe. My role as a Curator will be to ideate programming for the Berlin_Portal, facilitate conversations, and do outreach to benefit the local community’s needs.

I’m really excited to bring my dance and movement interests into the curation process and work for such an amazing project at the international level.

Learn more about Shared_Studios here and follow the Berlin_Portal on social media.

Featured image rights to Amar C. Bakshi and Elizabeth Bick for Shared_Studios