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Of Two Minds

Presenting the contradictory ways in which my mind operates, Of Two Minds serves as a reflection on how we struggle to apprehend the world around us when our thoughts and actions are governed by automaticity. The choreography ultimately comments on how an overload of information prevents full sensory experiences and limits the potential to be present in the current moment. Through public presentation of the choreographic work, I invite viewers to engage with the content and the space they are inhabiting—to use their apprehending mind as a result.


Premiered at the Greenberg Theatre, Washington DC. Different versions presented at the American College Dance Association Mid-Atlantic North Conference, University of Maryland; and the Robyn Rafferty Mathias Research Conference, American University, where it was awarded Best Performance.


April 2018


9 min


Sergio Guerra Abril

Performance & Movement Collaboration

Skylar Blake, Dominique Dempsey, Kiomi Hori, Bailey Martin, Henry Mayr, Iroda Nodir, Alyssa O’Connor, Scout Pruski, Vyette Tiya, Olivia Weber, Kathryn Whelan


Ryuichi Sakamoto

Sound editing

Henry Mayr

Costume design

Barbara Tucker Parker, Sydney Moore